Laser Skin Rejuvenation at Nashville cosmetic Surgery

We love our new Sciton JOULE Laser!

For years our Nashville patients have been asking us to find the best way to get rid of sun spots, broken capillaries, large pores, and redness from Rosacea. We heard you and went in search of the best laser technology on the market. We found it in the Sciton JOULE. The Sciton JOULE provides the widest array of aesthetic procedures available today, all in one powerful machine. So if you have been wondering:

  • Can we remove the brown age spots on your face, hands and body? 
  • Can we rejuvenate your skin with absolutely no downtime?
  • Can we make your spider veins and broken capillaries disappear?
  • Can we help with your large pores?
  • Can we help with acne scarring, fade stretch marks and other unsightly scars?

Yes, We Can!
The Sciton Joule gives us the flexibility to treat all of these conditions and more. We chose Sciton because of their outstanding reputation for both product development and research. They are one of the few companies that conduct on-going clinical research which enables them to continue to provide advanced technology safely. The Joule platform allows the flexibility to combine the best of different treatment options at the same time and get the best results. If you are considering multiple rejuvenation procedures, the Sciton Joule offers a wide range of treatments in one session with little to no downtime. 

One Outstanding Laser. Four Remarkable Treatment platforms.

  • Halo for eliminating fine lines, texture and pigment and reducing pore size
  • ProFractional for acne and scar resurfacing with less pain and shorter healing times
  • NanoLaserPeel for brightening dull and tired skin leaving your skin looking smoother and younger. 
  • BBL for hyperpigmentation, brown spots, red spots and broken capillaries on the face

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