Dr. Don Griffin of Nashville Cosmetic Surgery

Mommy Makeovers at Nashville Cosmetic Surgery

As with any surgery, Mommy Makeovers are an important decision not to be taken lightly, and there are many factors to consider:

Should I do all of the procedures at once with one recovery or stagger procedures?

That decision is an entirely personal one, and will depend upon several factors:  the amount of time your schedule will realistically allow for recovery and your budget/timeframe.  The advantage of doing everything at once is the ease of one operation and recovery. And while it will be a longer recovery time than if you stage procedures, it will be over and done with at once and you can move forward in enjoying your new look.  While there may be some cost savings in combining procedures, this should not be your main concern.  The most important consideration has to be how much time you can realistically allow yourself for a complete recovery.  If can't allow a full, reasonable recovery time, then it may be best for you to stagger procedures.

Will I be able to care for my children during recovery?

Yes, but you will need some help during the first week or two (or however long you can tolerate whomever is helping.)

How soon will I be able to resume normal activities?

Generally, Mommy Makeover recovery time occurs anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how much work was done. This does not mean you cannot resume activities sooner: it just means you may not be back to full routines (fitness, lifting children, etc) until you’ve given your body ample time to restore.

Most women who've ever given birth will tell you that their wants and needs took an immediate backseat the moment their child was born. And while this is the way God and nature intended, mothers are, indeed, the nurturers. That does not mean you shouldn't take steps to feel good about yourself.  Childbirth brings many changes, both emotional and physical.  Putting yourself first in both of those areas is important. A happy, satisfied mother who feels good in her own skin is a better mother.  This is a big decision with a significant price, but it’s also a decision that will change the way you look and feel.

The dollars and cents of it all: you are worth it!