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Tummy Tuck  or Abdominoplasty in Nashville, TN

A smooth, firm abdomen gives the whole body a look of fitness and vitality.  If you find that despite weight loss and regular exercise, you still have areas of loose abdominal muscle or skin in your midsection that gives your whole body and out-of-shape appearance, you may be a candidate for a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty.

How do I know if I need a tummy tuck?

Whether it is from weight loss or child bearing, our patients all say the same thing:  they have been self conscious about their stomachs for a long time, and it affects what they wear, and how they feel about themselves. Patients come into our office thinking they need liposuction to regain a tight and toned stomach. While some can get the improvement they are looking for from liposuction, others will need a tummy tuck to fix saggy stomach issues, or a combination of both of these procedures.  If you have loose abdominal muscles or excess skin in addition to localized fat deposits around your midsection, then liposuction alone will not fix these issues. You will need an abdominoplasty or lipoabdominoplasty.

What Can a Tummy Tuck Do?

  • Firm and flatten the abdomen after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Restore the position of torn or sagging abdominal muscles
  • Tighten and smooth loose abdominal skin
  • Remove lower-abdominal fat deposits

Whatever the cause, whether it is from weight loss or childbearing, the goal for a tummy tuck is to restore your sagging abdominal tissues to provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.  Dr. Griffin is an experienced surgeon who focuses on customization of the different aspects of tummy tuck surgery and accuracy to help you achieve your desired outcome.

What Is Involved in Tummy Tuck Surgery At Our Nashville, Tn Office?

A tummy tuck has three different components which Dr. Griffin uses separately or in combination to customize a surgery for each patient in order to achieve the maximum improvement in a slimmer waistline.  These include:

  • Muscle tightening:  Weight fluctuations and childbearing can overstretch and tear the abdominal muscles.  Dr. Griffin can restore the muscles in many patients to their original position by stitching them together for a retightened contour.  In some healthy patients, this step can be minimized to speed the recovery process.
  • Fat removal:  Many patients will choose to combine a tummy tuck with liposuction for smoother results that show off their natural muscle tone.  This procedure is sometimes referred to as a lipoabdominoplasty.
  • Skin tightening:  Muscle tightening and fat removal results in a flatter abdomen, but this does nothing to address sagging skin.  To help achieve a slimmer waistline, Dr. Griffin will tighten and trim away excess skin and reposition the point where the belly button comes through the skin.  (The belly button itself will not move)

Not everyone needs a full abdominoplasty.  If the area of loose skin and fat is entirely below the belly button, then a mini-abdominoplasty or "mini tummy tuck" is possible.  If the area that needs to be addressed also includes loose skin in the upper abdomen, Dr. Griffin may suggest a full tummy tuck.

For Post Weight Loss patients, Dr. Griffin may recommend a circumferential abdominoplasty or a body lift to tighten loose skin not only in the abdomen, but at the hips, buttocks or thighs.  Dr. Griffin was one of the first plastic surgeons in Nashville to perform body lift procedures and has extensive experience in these operations, which generally yield dramatic results and extremely happy patients.

If you are just starting your journey into abdominoplasty or lipoabdominoplasty surgery in Nashville, Tennessee, we have put together a brief overview of what to expect.  We would love to have you come in and consult with Dr. Griffin for a more detailed understanding of the process as it relates to your individual needs.  In the meantime, we hope this information helps you with your decision. 



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