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What is Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery involves using breast implants to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight loss or pregnancy.  The goal of breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is to create  a fuller and better proportioned breast shape using breast implants.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons women consider having breast augmentation surgery.  Some women are tired of never having clothes that fit appropriately, while others after substantial weight loss or babies have lost the volume in their breasts. Regardless of the reason or the size desired,  the goal of breast augmentation surgery should not just be enlarging the breasts, but improving proportions so that the breasts enhance the overall appearance of your silhouette.

Dr. Griffin will go over all of your options at your initial consultation in his Nashville, TN office, and show you a variety of breast implants. Together, you and Dr. Griffin will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of all types of implants and come up with the best options for you.

Experience and Results

As you start the process of learning more about breast augmentation in Nashville, Tennessee, there are many questions you will need to have answered in order to make a confident, well informed decision.  One of the most important decisions will be choosing your surgeon. It is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the training, skill and experience necessary to provide you with a beautiful and natural result.   Last year, over 200 women in Nashville and the surrounding areas chose Dr. Griffin to perform their breast surgery.  Some were making the choice for the first time, while others came to fix a less than desired result from another surgeon.  In every breast augmentation procedure that Dr. Griffin performs, his goal is to provide the most proportional,  natural looking results possible while taking into account your desired outcome and concerns.  If you would like to explore your options for breast enhancement, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffin.

Some reasons women consider breast augmentation:

  • A body that is out of proportion. Small breasts can make your body look disproportionate and lacking in contour. If you have a pear shape, breast implants can help to balance your upper body with your hips. A larger breast size can also reduce the appearance of being overweight by adding proportion to the chest and offsetting extra weight in the legs, buttocks, stomach, and hips.
  • Not feeling confident about your body. If you avoid certain activities and events or are self conscious because of unhappiness about your breast size.
  • Tired of limited clothing options. Breast augmentation can eliminate the feeling that it is necessary to only buy certain clothing that can hide or falsely accentuate your bust line. You may find it unnecessary to utilize support and enhancement bras, opening up a world of strapless and backless dresses that may have been difficult to wear before.  Swimwear also becomes easier to choose, and a wider selection will be available to wear.



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