Tummy Tuck in Nashville, TN

Dr. Griffin specializes in tummy tuck at his medical practice in Nashville for women and men who want the smooth, firm abdomens associated with fitness and vitality. Diet and exercise can help with weight loss and overall health, but sometimes they cannot restore a slim, youthful midsection. This is especially true for individuals who have lost a great deal of weight, or women who have had children. This customizable procedure—also called abdominoplasty–reduces excess skin, tightens separated muscles, and removes some residual fat for an attractive, toned abdomen that harmonizes with your natural contours.


A tummy tuck is a popular surgical procedure that can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of patients. Generally speaking, tummy tuck works well for treating the following concerns:

  • Stretched, sagging abdominal skin
  • Lax or torn abdominal muscles, including diastasis recti
  • Fat deposits on the abdomen that do not respond to diet and exercise
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Dr. Griffin, Nashville Cosmetic Surgery


Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Don Griffin realizes that no two patients are exactly alike — and neither are his surgical plans. Learn more about his background and his unique approach.


Dr. Griffin believes in approaching each tummy tuck as a unique, custom procedure. He carefully plans the surgery to help ensure patients achieve the results that complement their bodies. Your options include the following:

  • Short-scar tummy tuck: Also called a “mini” tummy tuck, this approach is best for people with minor sagging and laxity, especially if they are limited to the area below the navel. It uses a shorter incision through which Dr. Griffin can remove skin and repair the lower abdominal area.
  • Full tummy tuck: This “traditional” version of surgery uses a horizontal incision made just above the pubic area from hip to hip. A smaller incision is also made around the navel to release the skin, which will be pulled down and smoothed. Separated or torn abdominal muscles are repositioned and repaired, and excess skin and stretch marks are removed. This option is ideal for people with excess skin and laxity above and below the navel.
  • Circumferential tummy tuck: The most extensive version of tummy tuck surgery uses an incision that encircles the torso to improve the entire abdomen, flanks, and even the uppermost portion of the thighs. This procedure is also called a “body lift” and is often indicated for patients who have lost a large amount of weight.
  • Lipoabdominoplasty: This technique includes liposuction of the entire abdominal wall in addition to muscle repair and skin excision.


Dr. Griffin performs your tummy tuck while you are under general anesthesia. He begins by making the incisions as discussed during your consultation. He repairs the abdominal muscles and removes excess fat via selective liposuction. He then pulls the overlying skin downward to create a taut, smooth contour, removing the excess. He then closes the incision with sutures.

Tummy tuck surgery is typically an outpatient procedure, but you’ll need someone to drive you home and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours.

We understand the importance of a quick, comfortable recuperation, so we make every effort to ensure a smooth process. However, it’s still crucial to give your body sufficient time to rest and heal properly. Plan to take at least 2 weeks away from work, and potentially longer if you work a physically demanding job.