Revision Surgery for Breast Augmentation

When breast augmentation produces results that are less than satisfactory, secondary breast revision surgery can often improve the outcome.  Dr. Griffin has extensive experience with revision breast surgery and can help you reach your goal of having more natural shapely breasts.

Specific problems that Dr. Griffin can address include asymmetries, implant malposition, capsular contracture, and overly thinned out tissue from repeated surgeries or implants that are too large.

What Can Breast Revision Surgery Do For You?

  • Reshape the breast pocket
  • Reposition implants into a new breast pocket (Neopocket Formation)
  • Replace deflated saline or leaking silicone implants using newer, longer-lasting implants
  • Remove and correct scar tissue (Capsular Contracture)
  • Lift and tighten breasts that have sagged after implant placement
  • Enhance the thickness of overly thinned out breast tissue using FDA-approved biosynthetic materials like SERI Mesh

How to Get Started

The first step in correcting you breast augmentation or breast lift problem is to request a consultation with Dr. Griffin.  At your consultation, Dr. Griffin will discuss with you concerns and disappointments with your previous surgery and evaluate your situation to determine the best treatment plan to improve your breast.

Every situation and every patient presents a unique challenge that requires an individualized approach. Dr. Griffin has extensive experience utilizing multiple specialized techniques for correcting these difficult breast problems. In most cases, he uses a combination of techniques to achieve the best correction possible.


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