Non-surgical options are always the preferred first option for many patients, and I am frequently asked by prospective patients how Exilis® technology differs from other technologies on the market. Today I received the following question again and decided it would be a good topic to address in my blog.

How does Exilis® differ from other fat melting procedures like Velashape, Invasix orSmartLipo?
As you may know from your research, Exilis® is a non-invasive radio frequency technology capable of producing both fat reduction and skin tightening. It is easily tolerated (low to no pain) and there is no recovery time associated with the treatments. Fat reduction results occur fairly quickly (you can actually see it occur during the treatment series), and are permanent as long as you don’t gain weight.

How long does it last?
Collagen production and break down in the body is an ongoing process. As we age, we lose more collagen than we replace in our tissues, leading to tissue thinning, sagging, and developing wrinkles.  Skin tightening results rely on collagen production by your body and will improve over time. After Exilis® treatments, there is an increase in collagen production for several months: some studies show 6 months others have shown 1 year.  With any collagen treatment, your body’s collagen production will gradually dissipate over time, eventually returning to its baseline. Retreating the area with single maintenance treatments every 6 months or so (not a package of four as in the initial treatment) will continue to boost collagen production and prolong the results.

How do others compare?
Velashape is a bipolar radio frequency/light device that was built as an add-on to a laser platform made by Candela laser. I don’t have any experience with its effectiveness, pain level, or cost. Many previous bipolar radio frequency devices (Thermage) were not very effective since the energy waves only go across the distance between the two electrodes on the applicator head of the machine.  Even more, the pain levels associated with the treatments were very high.

As for Invasix and Smartlipo, they are both invasive surgical technologies that require an incision and have a much longer recovery process.

What’s the bottom line?
After comparing patient experience, satisfaction, and results, Exilis® seems to be the preferred choice for my patients. Here’s a great StyleBlueprint review of the Exilis® experience at Nashville Cosmetic Surgery.

-Dr. Don Griffin