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“Just don’t touch my lips!” We hear it all the time from patients who come in wanting to erase the telltale signs of aging. They want to give their face a refreshed youthful look, so they say, “you can do anything but just don’t touch my lips!  I don’t want to look unnatural.”  We get it, we’ve seen them too: there are an abundance of women walking around with “bad” lip injections, and here’s why:

Beautiful and natural lips require science AND art. It is not just about volume.  An injector must know proper proportions and how to use the right product to create those proportions.  The first step is to evaluate volume, ideally, sixty percent of total volume should be in the lower lip and 40% in the upper lip.   The second step for an injector is to evaluate thelips in relation to the other facial features.  For example, a larger nose, may call for less fullness in thelips.  Larger prominent cheeks can handle fuller lips.  A good injector must consider all of these factors in order to create a natural and youthful appearance. 

Do your homework. Ask your injector how she determines the best plan for lips and remember injections require and equal balance of experience, education and art!  Find yourself a good injector you can trust and PUCKER UP!

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