For as long as I’ve paid any attention to them, I’ve been pretty indifferent to the length and color of my eyelashes. They’re neither long nor short, thick nor thin, and generally black/brown in color. I can’t complain.

I do, however, fall into the unfortunate category of women who over-tweezed my eyebrows as a teenager. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom, 4 inches away from my mirror, tweezers in hand and Cosmopolitan magazine at my side. With more focus on my brows than I dedicated to my calculus homework, I used the magazine’s, “How To Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows!” article as my guide and subsequently plucked my brows to smithereens. Fortunately during those days, I liked my skinny, non-existent eyebrows (that was the style back then) but as I grew older, and as thicker brows became the trend, I longed to go back and pluck the tweezers out of my 13-year-old hands.

I figured I could just let my brows go and thus, let them grow. But it turns out I wasn’t exactly overjoyed by the scary, unattended hairs that showed up in the meantime. Instead, eyebrow pencils became a dear friend of mine and, for the past four years, we’ve been inseparable. Recently however, we’ve been growing apart.

While my segue into Latisse® was initially not intended for my eyebrows — I went in with the intention of lengthening and thickening my lashes as a way to minimize my makeup routine — I find myself additionally pleased with the unexpected bonus of eyebrow growth. And my lashes are longer, too!



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On the spectrum of plastic surgery, Latisse® seems pretty minimal and more or less harmless, but I can’t say I didn’t have my concerns about the product. These are my eyeballs we’re working with, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to mess them up at the ripe age of 26. TV advertisements warned about the drops affecting my eyesight, changing the pigmentation of my iris, and causing general irritation, but after meeting with the staff at NCS, I felt confident about the product, felt comfortable using it safely, and also learned how to extend its use.

Why I’m thrilled with my experience:

Instead of pushing me to buy, buy, buy, the staff showed me ways to save. As a business that sells [often times expensive] beauty enhancement products, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for the nurses at NCS to urge me to use more of the product, saying more Latisse® would provide faster and more dramatic results. The nurses at NCS did nothing of the sort. On the contrary, they gave me tips to extend the life of my Latisse® and showed me ways in which I could use it elsewhere, like my eyebrows.

Noticeable results. I began to notice length in my eyelashes after about six weeks and was thrilled by the initial results. It became rare that I felt the need to apply eyeliner since mascara and my long lashes seemed to make my eyes pop. And even though I was instructed to only apply the Latisse® to the lash line of my upper eyelid, I noticed length in my bottom lashes as well.

Bonus Brows. The growth and fullness of my eyebrows took longer to develop, but I’m over the moon with the results. Instead of a few sparse hairs along the ends of my eyebrows, I now have a full, dark, shapely brow that only requires minimal penciling in — if I feel like it.

I’m thrilled that I am able to finally reverse the mistakes that my tweezers and I made as a teenager, and that have fuller, longer, lashes to boot. My makeup routine has been minimized even more than I anticipated and I’m kicking all those pencils to the curb!

M. Teren | Nashville, TN