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BODY PEEL EVENT: prepare to bare!

Can you feel the (sun)light at the end of the tunnel?

Spring and summer are just around the corner, so we’ve created an event to get you glowing and sun-ready in seconds.

It’s no secret peels are better for your skin than scrubs. They’re non-abrasive, and they perform many other functions besides just exfoliation: peels can hydrate, kill acne-causing bacteria, lift hyperpigmentation, and speed up cell turnover, revealing brighter, healthier more glowing skin. Best of all: just one easy application—just brush, dry and go—will leave you with smooth glowing skin!

Event dates are Wednesday, February 15th
and Tuesday, February 28th.


  • Small area Hands or feet – regularly $150, event price $100
  • Medium area Chest or shoulders – regularly $200, event price $150
  • Large area Full back, legs or arms – regularly $300, event price $250

Availability is first come, first serve. Please call our office at (615) 321-1003 to reserve your spot.

*Participants may book up to 2 areas at event pricing.
All Peel Deal participants will have the opportunity to purchase body peel package at special discount pricing.
A 1.1 oz. PCA Body Therapy moisturizer is included with peel.

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