A Note From Dr. Griffin

This weekend I went to the lake to start the process of opening up our house for the summer. There’s a ritual to it: clean the pollen off the porches, wipe down all of the furniture, plant the ferns on the front porch, get the dock ready, and restock the pantry. It’s work, but I look forward to it, as I have for the last 15 years. For me, it marks the beginning of summer, longer days, and lots of gatherings with friends and family.

This year as I went through each task, I was aware of the comfort and satisfaction I find in the familiar routine and it left me with a sense of renewed energy. It’s been a long few months, full of fear and uncertainty. March seems like a year ago. Everyone of us has been affected by this pandemic in some way and as we move forward, there is still much uncertainty. While we may not know all that is to come, let’s remember to find enjoyment in the little things that bring us satisfaction and the rituals that define our lives and give us hope.

Here’s to looking forward and all of the promise that May brings!

Dr. Don Griffin